God bless Sanka Coyle! She made the difference for me between immobility and productivity - providing that the organization of one's house has a profound impact on the organization of one's mind. In one 12-hour period she whirled through my house, spewing out ideas for every corner that I would never have thought of. Not only her ideas but her little nuggets of philosophy engaged and deepened my sense of connection to how my house and my life are set out. Since we re-used everything I already had - but in a different and ingenious ways - the time and expense involved were a mere afterthought. Thanks again, Sanka! Amy T


Thank you for transforming my house into a cozy, warm and very inviting home. I just want to show it off! You are a genius, a friend, and someone I totally trust. You have listened to my needs in decorating and totally nailed it...and even gone beyond my expectations! I thank you so much and look forward in working on other projects with you very soon. Fondly, Michelle M.

Thanks to Sanka’s reSolutions, our vacation home now has the nicest energy; we feel so comfortable being here. We wanted the space to have more than one purpose; the big surprise was that Sanka turned it into a reflection of ourselves!” MAS


Thank you for staging our home in only three days. For us it was an extreme makeover and gave us new found pride. Our realtor decided to raise the asking price when she returned, after you had left. At the settlement table, we realized an increase of ten percent. Thanks. You did a nice job. Mark


My brother and I want to thank you very much for your help and support. Whenever we turned to you for answers and help, you immediately responded with not only information but the implementation. My mother’s property sold quickly. If anyone could make the time more bearable for us, it was certainly you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Jane and family.

Sanka is a one person House to Sell! My home took on a new life, sold in 4 days, thanks to Sanka’s re-organizations and sprucing up. Michelle F.


Thanks for doing my bedroom. It makes me feel more safe and comfy. Hallie age 7



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